*let it shine* interview: katie dalebout of the wellness wonderland

For the second installment of my "Let it Shine" interview series, I couldn't be more giddy to bring to you podcaster, yogi, life coach, speaker, and queen of The Wellness Wonderland herself, Katie Dalebout! I have been following Katie since last year (primarily through her The Wellness Wonderland Radio podcast -- free at her website or on iTunes), and I'll tell you just a few things I love about her:

  • She is a master curator. Katie knows what her listeners want, and she brings on wonderful guests to deliver the information and inspiration they're seeking.
  • She is unpretentious.Katie finds that perfect balance between being both self-assured and humble. And let me say, that is not easy to come by in the wellness world.
  • Her excitement is contagious. She's not afraid to get real and talk about deep issues, but Katie always keeps her bright light shining. My mood is always lifted when I listen to her show.

So what makes her tick? Let's find out...

Tell us a little about your background: What brought you into the wellness field, and what's your primary focus?

We each have an experience that opens us up to change, and for me, it was my relationship with food. I felt like I wasn't good enough (smart enough, pretty enough, cool enough, etc.), so I thought if I could become thin enough, maybe all those other things would be better — so I did. Through my eating disorder, I realized the happiness I found from being super thin was conditional happiness, and it wasn't sustainable, so I needed to find my happiness in another source.When I recognized that feeling enough was an inside job, it was a relief. Now, I teach other people how to find that state of mind that I call my "Wellness Wonderland."

When you think of your "inner light," what does that mean to you, and what role does it play in your life and work?

My inner light is my guide for everything. It is the leader of my life and my work. I try to remember to constantly check in with my intuition throughout the day and with every decision I make. When I don't follow it or I'm not paying attention to it, I feel off and yucky.

What are a few of your rituals or practices that help you stay inspired and connected to yourself and your purpose?

Journaling. For me, writing is the best way to work through all the voices in my mind and decide which ones I want to listen to and follow. Writing allows me to be authentic with myself so I can be real with others. I don't know how I'm feeling unless I'm writing! Also, yoga, meditation, talking to friends and listening to podcasts keep me in the flow.

So often these days, we only get the "highlight reel" of others' lives via Facebook, Instagram, etc. If we could see you at some of your "real life" less-than-perfect or mundane moments, what might we see?

Amazing question. Well, you would see that it is not always Wellness Wonderland! I get sad and overwhelmed a ton. However, I now have the tools to take me back. I trust that if I'm not feeling productive or inspired today, it's okay, because everything is temporary.

What's one of your favorite breakfasts?

Green Apple and Pumpkin Seed Butter!

And how about lunch/dinner?

A big warm salad with sautéed greens in coconut oil with a ton of spices topped with hemp seeds, dulse, avocado, nutritional yeast, maybe kale chip pieces, and roasted veggies like sweet potatoes.{Sounds delicious! Think I'll have to try one...}

What is your favorite way to move your body?

Walking outside while listening to a good audiobook,  podcast, or talking on the phone. Or better yet — hiking with a friend and having a deep conversation.

3 items you always have with you (beyond wallet/keys/phone!)

A pocket journal, pen, lemon essential oil.

What are some of your absolute favorite fictional books, movies, and albums?

Book: Stargirl. Movie: Serendipity. Album: Jose Gonzalez anything. {Amen, sister}

Which podcasts, books, courses, or other resources have had a real impact on your life?

I like my podcast! {Me, too! Obviously. ;) } Everything by Gabby Bernstein and Isabel Foxen Duke and Elle Griffin including Over The Moon Magazine.

What can you tell us about your offerings and any projects that you're working on? 

I'm obsessed with my coaching program! Seriously, it is my favorite thing in the world.

***** Big thanks and hugs to Katie for interviewing at Waking Up in Wonder!


Valerie Martin

Valerie Martin, LMSW, is a Primary Therapist at The Ranch residential treatment center, where she works with eating disorders, addiction, trauma, and co-occurring mental health issues. Valerie focuses on a holistic treatment approach of mind + body integration, using Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), somatic and bioenergetic therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), psychodrama, 12-step, and shame resilience. She is also a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT) Candidate. Valerie received her Bachelor of Science degree in Communications and Master of Science degree in Clinical Social Work at the University of Texas in Austin. She is an active member of the First Unitarian Universalist Church in Nashville, and emphasizes spiritual exploration in her work with clients.