What's the F***ing Point episode 02: Sarah Rodgers on Drama Therapy, Everything, and Nothing

For episode 2 of the podcast, I had a wonderful free-flowing conversation with fellow Nashville psychotherapist, Sarah Rodgers

I'm lucky to call Sarah a friend, and she's a kindred spirit in that she's unapologetically into all kinds of holistic (is "new age" still a thing?) stuff, with plenty of science and healthy skepticism to balance it out.

In this episode, Sarah and I chat about:

  • why our companion animals can be our best spiritual guides
  • how we each think of and approach tarot and divination
  • what drama therapy is and the relationship to psychodrama and other expressive therapies
  • the magic of intuition, tele, and neuroception — how we know things to be true

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About Sarah Rodgers (MA, LMFT, RDT)

Sarah holds a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Drama Therapy from California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. She received her Bachelor's in Theatre and Community Outreach from Skidmore College.

Sarah has a background as an actor and theater educator. It was her passion for the cathartic power of self-expression that led her to psychology and to studying the application of creative forms for therapeutic means. We could all use little more fun and playfulness in our lives, and healing is only enhanced by creative thinking and a touch of humor.

When not attending to her clients or furthering her clinical education, Sarah enjoys hikes and yoga, cooking, taking acting classes, making crafty things, and quality time with her friends and family. Sarah has called both New York City and San Francisco home, and she is now at home in Nashville with her husband, stepdaughter, and their dog Dennis.

You can learn more about Sarah and her work at www.creativecounselingnashville and follow her on Instagram @creativecounselingnashville.

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