WholeYou podcast #5: overview of the chakras

WholeYou podcast #5: overview of the chakras

Feeling a little spacey or up in your head? Listen to this episode for tips on how to know if your first chakra is out of whack, and what to do to get grounded. 

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In this "chakras 101" episode, we give an overview on the chakra system and how to work with it for more holistic wellness in mind, body, and spirit. If you've been to a yoga or meditation class before, you've likely heard references to the chakras. And if you're excited about this episode, lucky you! We have a whole series of future episodes planned to dive into each chakra in depth. 

Here's what we chat about in episode #5:

  • What the heck are chakras? 
  • What got each of us interested in chakras
  • Brief history of the chakra system
  • The name, physical location, and central issues/themes for all 7 chakras
  • How you can explore working with the chakras to benefit your wellness — so many ways!

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