productivity hack / 5-minute sanity booster: check your tolerations In today's video blog, I'm talking TOLERATIONS: Do you ever feel weighed down by all those tiny tasks that aren't super urgent so they just tend to build and build?

I discovered that there's a name for these pesky little tasks-- they're called "tolerations," also known as those little annoyances that you simply tolerate day after day instead of taking the 5 minutes to get them done and mark them off your list.

We've all been guilty of it: you get caught up in the grind and just trying to take care of the big stuff, so everything else just keeps getting pushed to tomorrow, to next week, to next month.

Whether you choose one "toleration" to take care of daily, or knock out several at a time once every week or two, it's SO worth the feeling of productivity and lightness that comes with getting that stuff off your radar.

What are some of YOUR tolerations? What *one* could you take care of today? (Remember, they can be really really small -- like just wiping down the bathroom mirror if you've been meaning to do it for the past week!)