plan a wedding without freaking out (mostly) + my wedding photos

plan a wedding without freaking out (mostly) + my wedding photos

I got married seven weeks ago, so I'm still getting that question, "What does it feel like to be married?" My usual answer is, "Pretty much the same, but more like I'm a legit adult." Since Chris and I had been living together for a while before and had felt deeply committed to each other already, our relationship doesn't feel that different. But as a person who struggles with Adult Impostor Syndrome (wait, am I a *real* grown-up? Are you sure?), it did feel like a rite of passage. And the actual day was pure magic and completely exceeded any expectations I had. I thought I'd write a post describing some of the best pieces of wisdom I can share from my own experience for anyone planning a wedding or another big event. 

Wedding Planning Tip #1: When you start to feel stressed or rigid, get back to what really matters.

I am admittedly Type A in some ways, and not exactly low-maintenance. I'm a nester and prefer things to be a certain way. But thankfully, I've also loosened up quite a bit as I've matured.

Case in point: At my sixth-grade birthday party I so meticulously planned (see Exhibit A below), my friends did not want to stick with my regimented schedule of activities, and I got so upset I ended up crying alone in my room. (This was not the only year this happened.)

(click through to read full post and see my 6th grade insanity!) 

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