*let it shine* VIDEO interview: nicole boriski on sustainability & being a better steward of the planet


I had an idea recently that I wanted to have a post about how we can become better stewards of the planet by making realistic (not overwhelming) changes and continuing to educate ourselves about the most pressing issues we need to know about and take action on. I'm far from an expert in that area, so I decided to interview someone who knows a lot more than me, which was a great opportunity to brush up my own knowledge and share it with you. Enter Nicole: Nicole Boriski is an Assistant Director of the Catalina Environmental Leadership Program (CELP), an environmental and outdoor education program set in a breathtaking residential camp on Catalina Island south of Los Angeles. She also happens to be one of my best friends since 5th grade, and one of a handful of people in my life where the conversation is guaranteed to decline into jokes about bodily functions within five minutes — or, should I say, she's both hilarious and humble about her wicked intelligence and wealth of knowledge.

I knew the talk would be good, but I honestly didn't know it was going to be THIS good. Seriously, you guys. Nicole knocks it out of the park in this conversation. It left me with so much to think about, and I know I'm going to be referencing both this video and the resources she shared with me on the call many more times.

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Resources Mentioned in the Interview:

Oh, and here's Nicole and me in 6th grade (on bottom; how about them velvet dresses!), 9th grade (zebra pants, too cool for school... and yes, taken on the same wall as the other pic), and then at my wedding last year. So much love for you, friend. <3




I'm lucky to call Nicole one of my best friends, and this conversation with her has kicked my rear in gear (in a good way, not a guilt trip!) to continue educating myself and taking tangible steps in my life to improve how I'm treating the planet. 

I hope watching has the same impact on you! Would love to hear your thoughts, questions, tips, and more — just leave a comment here or on social media.