What's the F***ing Point episode 19: Megan Bruneau on Worthiness and the Ethics of Mental Health Care

Megan Bruneau is one of those women with a résumé that should make you instantly dislike her because she’s so g*ddamn successful (and gorgeous).

And you want to be like JUST. STOP IT. But then you can’t, because she’s actually really fucking great. Yes, she writes for Forbes and is BFF with Deepak Chopra (or, ok, at least she interviewed him on her podcast and is a faculty member with The Chopra Center — so basically BFF 💁‍♀️). More importantly, though, she is wise, talented, humble, and the REAL DEAL.

Plenty of people with Megan’s level of success and demands on their time would have seen my crazy-ass DM and been like, “girlfriend does not have enough followers to even merit my reply.” I guess she sensed the genuineness and excitement of my message, and she was like “hell yeah, let’s do this!” — then cue a shared enthusiasm about early 2000’s Eminem, and voila, a friendship was born.

In this episode, Megan and I get into SO 👏MUCH 👏GOODNESS 👏around topics like:

  • how we conceptualize mental health vs. “mental illness”

  • the need for validation and non-judgment with medication, while ALSO holding medical providers accountable for more responsible prescribing and aiming to address root issues rather than just mask symptoms

  • the ethics of the wellness industry, therapy, coaching, and psychiatry

  • the insanity of dating in 2018, and how Megan sees it as an opportunity for spiritual practice

  • the risk of spiritual bypassing in today’s affirmation and manifestation obsessed wellness world — and how this is completely tone deaf re: privilege and systemic oppression across marginalized identities

  • the 3 things women tend to fall back on for worthiness/sense of self when they lack a greater sense of meaning, purpose, and identity

  • why millennials need to elevate conversation around finding meaning (especially for women) for non-mothers (whether by circumstance or by choice)

  • And holy shit, a lot more.

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About Megan Bruneau, M.A., RCC

Quoted by multiple NYT bestselling author Melissa Hartwig as “The most authentic voice in the self-love world,” Megan Bruneau, M.A. RCC is known as the “Millennials’ therapist.” Her no-bullshit, relatable voice has garnered of 30m views, and landed her appearances on The T.D. Jakes Show and New York 1 Morning News. Transparent about her own mental health struggles, frequent heartaches, and uncertain entrepreneurial life in New York City, Megan’s vulnerable and humorous writing-style has inspired dozens of viral articles – making her a HuffPost– homepage regular, MindBodyGreen Expert, and Forbes favorite.

Megan hosts the the formerly iTunes New and Noteworthy podcast, The Failure Factor: Stories of Career Perseverance, interviewing notable guests such as Deepak Chopra, Joe Cross, Whitney Wolfe, Danielle LaPorte, Mark Sisson, Melissa Hartwig, Jessie Andrews, and more. A Chopra Center faculty member and speaker at press-worthy events such as STRONG New York and Entrepreneur Organization’s Nerve, Megan is a sought after summit speaker and podcast guest. She’s been featured on ForbesMindBodyGreenHuffington PostGaiaThought CatalogElephant JournalEntrepreneurQuartzThrillistVerily MagLola, The Aloha Way, and more; she has also been quoted as an expert on DailyMailThe New York PostBravo TVPsych CentralPsychology TodayBustleSparkPeople, The ListLifeHackerBrit + Co, and more. Megan is also part of the MindBodyGreen Collective of experts; a video course instructor for MindBodyGreenJiyo.com, and The AO Project; and a regularly interviewed expert on BALANCE Eating Disorder Treatment Center’s recovery YouTube channel.

Megan has a master of arts in counseling psychology (Simon Fraser University), and a bachelor of arts in family studies (University of British Columbia). With 12+ years experience providing crisis support, mental health counseling and coaching, she’s a Registered Clinical Counselor (RCC #6420) in the province of British Columbia, and sees clients globally as a coach. Using her unique combination of personal and professional experience and powerful written and spoken voice, Megan seeks to change the way people relate to their inner and outer worlds.

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What's the F***ing Point episode 08: Emmy Singer on the Union of Opposites

Y’all are about to be shook when you hear that my guest for this episode is, wait for it… a YOGA TEACHER.

Why yes, I *am* hilarious since 4 of my first 6 guests have been yoga teachers — but, hallooo, so much more than only that, and each one a gem in her own right. 

This week’s guest is Emmy Singer, founder of Inner Light Yoga studio and one of my biggest inspirations and teachers in the yoga world. Like a few of my other guests so far, Emmy is a fellow Nashvillian —and unbeknownst (isn't that a fucking great word? hah) to me until we recorded, originally hails from upstate New York very near last week’s guest, Sarah Jane Chapman. Hello, small world!

In this episode, Emmy and I talk about:

  • the winding path that landed her in Nashville, where she and her husband Lee opened up the city’s first music-based yoga studio, Inner Light Yoga (where I am so fortunate to get to be a part of the team) 
  • the importance of healers and teachers of all kinds being REAL as opposed to trying to seem like you have all the answers
  • our shared curiosity about astrology, tarot, past life regression, and dreams, with some tips for beginning your own dream analysis
  • how she views union of opposites as a framework for living — stillness and movement, connection and solitude, hustle and heart
  • simple practices for opening up a little more to kindness, compassion, and non-judgment
  • our musings on the law of attraction, the pieces that make most sense to us, and where we see its limitations

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About Emmy Singer

Emmy is founder & f-word enthusiast of Inner Light Yoga in Nashville, Tennessee. She believes in positive energy, the collective of people, genuine vibes and the power of puppies.
ILY on Instagram | Emmy on Instagram

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What's the F***ing Point episode 03: Laura Long on Radical Authenticity & Not Being an Asshole

If you enjoy that feeling of vacillating between laughing out loud (LOLing? maybe even LOLLERSKATING?** Maybe?) and sinking into profound thoughts like 20 times within a single hour, episode 3 with Laura Long is for you. 

Laura is a therapist for women and couples in the Greenville, SC area, and chief badass (my words, not hers) at Your Badass Therapy Practice, where she helps other therapists shine their lights even brighter. 

On the episode, Laura and I talk about:

  • how she developed a sense of radical authenticity
  • the lens through which she interprets her faith / spirituality
  • why things like tarot and astrology kiiind of frighten her
  • the 'x factor' of what makes feeling tiny/insignificant a positive experience rather than a nihilistic, depressing one
  • her fascination with relationships
  • ...and how we're all still figuring this shit out as we go along
  • why we're both obsessed with the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"
  • how she cultivated the culture and space to step back and watch her tribe thrive 

To listen to today's episode, you can stream or download from the embedded player below, or find and subscribe in your fave podcast listening app. (And just a note, Apple is being slow AF with getting my new podcast art updated in iTunes, so if you're finding the pod that way, you'll still see art for WholeYou, a former mini podcast venture I did.)

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About Laura Long (LMFT-S)

Laura Long is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist based near Greenville, South Carolina. She specialize in helping couples work through communication issues, sex and intimacy concerns, and those who are dealing with the aftermath of an affair. As the creator of Your Badass Therapy Practice, Laura helps therapists in private practice organize their business systems, streamline their marketing strategies, and fill their practices with the kind of clients they love working with. Laura is best known for her straight-up, no holds barred approach that often includes humor and…colorful language. You can connect with her through her mailing list (sign up at yourbadasstherapypractice.com), where she distills the secrets of successful entrepreneurs in a way that makes practice-building fun.

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the lasting impact of childhood emotional neglect

the lasting impact of childhood emotional neglect

At this point, hopefully most of us are on the same page that physical or sexual abuse of a child is wrong (read: as morally repugnant as it gets) and incredibly harmful to them long-term. If you're not yet familiar with the term "Adverse Childhood Experiences" (ACEs) or the landmark ACEs study done by CDC and Kaiser, taking a few minutes to explore these will help you understand the link between early childhood trauma and the majority of our societal and public health issues — like substance abuse, depression, and the cycles of poverty and violent crime, to name just a few.

While some people who enter into therapy know they have endured traumatic experiences (and might also know that these experiences are at the root of the other things they struggle with, like anxiety, an eating disorder, or relationship issues), many others have minimized their childhood experiences to an extent that they are not "connecting the dots" with how they are still being impacted by the things that happened (or should have happened and didn't) in their early years of life. 

The Risk of Overlooking Covert Trauma

Emotional abuse tends to be a particularly slippery issue. For instance, if someone is physically or sexually abused during childhood and doesn't know at the time that this was wrong and not "normal," often they learn this fairly early in adulthood. (Though due to the internalized shame of abuse, sometimes it takes increasing pain from dysfunctional coping behaviors before a person is ready to enter therapy for help.) Hopefully with this recognition, and the support of a skilled trauma therapist, the wounds they need to heal are fairly evident, and the path for healing, though not easy, is clear.

With emotional abuse and neglect, however, the experience is often more covert, and thus harder to identify as the root cause of whatever present-day issues someone is struggling with. Sure, some types of emotional abuse are more overt; but again, hopefully in these cases the person is aware that what was happening was not okay, and then has the opportunity to heal. But many times, the impact of more subtle forms of emotional abuse or neglect are like a rust that erodes a person's sense of self (healthy ego development) over time, until she takes on a world view that she is inadequate, does not matter, cannot trust others, will not be loved if others find out who she really is, and basically, better be able to figure things out on her own. She may not make the connection that the impact of a highly critical grandfather and workaholic mother is still impacting her beliefs about herself 25 years later. (And if no one ever helps her to make that connection and do the healing work, she will likely struggle with feeling like no amount of affirmations, anti-depressants, and cognitive behavioral therapy ever seems to help, so she must be right about herself that she's just fundamentally flawed.) 

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WholeYou Podcast #9: Fourth Chakra (Anahata)

WholeYou Podcast #9: Fourth Chakra (Anahata)

Want to deepen your relationships with others and with yourself? Check out Episode 9 of the WholeYou podcast!

You can listen to the show (stream or download) on the embedded SoundCloud box on this post, or find it on iTunes of your favorite podcast app. Thanks for listening! 

Fourth Chakra At a Glance:

  • Sanskrit Name: Anahata
  • Location: Heart area
  • Element: Air
  • Color: Green (also sometimes pink)
  • Issues: Love and self-love, relationships, intimacy
  • Goals: Balance, compassion, self-acceptance, connection
  • Basic Rights: To love and be loved

What we Discuss in Episode #9:

  • How to know if your fourth chakra is out of balance
  • Signs of a deficient and excessive fourth chakra
  • Love, self-love, relationships, and boundaries
  • Yoga poses, meditations, and pranayama to balance your heart chakra
  • Fourth chakra affirmations

Lauren and I are really appreciate you taking the time to listen and share your comments. If you like the show, subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast app, and please take 1 minute to leave us a review on iTunes  — it helps us to reach more people, and we'd be so grateful! 

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