What's the F***ing Point episode 21: Just Doing It + Holding on to Hope for the Planet

Today’s solo episode wraps up season 1 of the podcast! And first of all, THANK YOU. Thank you for using some of your precious minutes to listen to this podcast when you have eighteen billion other phenomenal options.

This little dream of mine feels like it's still in, um, its toddlerhood, but already it has been such a [insert self-mocking tone] labor of love.

Really though. I'm honored that you are along for this journey with me, and I will be working hard to bring you an even bigger, better, badder, bitchin'-er season 2.

To wrap up season 1, in this short solo pod, you get a few minutes of straight-up motivation to get off your ass and do the thing you have been putting off. So hold onto your hat and get ready to take some action after this one.

The bulk of the episode gives you a very quick-and-dirty intro into one of my new passions, The Work that Reconnects, which is a model designed to help people identify their unique contributions for healing the planet and all of us living on it.

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See you (hear you? visualize you listening? 🤓) in early 2019 for the kick-off to season 2, and meanwhile, on the gram here and here. 🤘💜

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