What's the F***ing Point episode 17: Liz Ward on Pivoting Toward Your Passion

Most of the people I know who love what they do didn't get there in a linear way.

And of course, many of us are still figuring it out and iterating, reformulating our professional lives as our skills and interests evolve. Liz Ward is a shining example of this, and she now dedicates her work to helping others do the same, with her coaching business, Slick Pivot.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Liz for this episode and learning all about her fascinating history doing marketing for Bacardi and working on the campaign for the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony. By all external measures, she had it made. But a total lack of work/life balance or harmony left her searching for work that felt more meaningful and allowed her to actually have a life.

Now, living with her partner in the London countryside with her almost 2-year-old daughter and a baby on the way, Liz has found a sense of inner peace that only comes through hitting a bottom and fighting your way to the other side.

So many elements of Liz's story resonated with me, and I'm sure they will for many of you, too. (And we also got into some of the practices and tips she shares with her coaching clients, which are gold!) Enjoy the episode!

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About Liz Ward

Liz is a London based AOC (Association of Coaching) accredited Personal & Business coach and NLP Practitioner with over 12 years experience developing, coaching and mentoring high performing individuals, from entrepreneurs in the start up world to teams in her corporate management roles.

With a background in brand, digital and business development, her career history includes the rebrand of the Millennium Dome to The O2, London 2012 Torch Relay and Opening Ceremony campaigns and global digital strategy for spirits giant, Bacardi-Martini.

Liz pivoted her career in 2013 and left the 9-5 corporate world for startup land. She led marketing and product strategy for disruptive tech startups, before launching her pivot coaching company Slick Pivot in 2016

Liz has with a mission to help people to pivot their careers and businesses for more happiness and growth. Because life is too short to spend time doing work that is not enjoyable. She works with people that are stuck in their current jobs and can’t see a way out, people suffering from burnout and balance and who are stuck with a business that is not working for them. Liz works with them on rebranding themselves, developing the right mindset for success, how to be more productive and get good at change. She supports their pivot journeys through one to one coaching, team workshops, and events.

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Valerie Martin

Valerie Martin, LMSW, is a Primary Therapist at The Ranch residential treatment center, where she works with eating disorders, addiction, trauma, and co-occurring mental health issues. Valerie focuses on a holistic treatment approach of mind + body integration, using Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), somatic and bioenergetic therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), psychodrama, 12-step, and shame resilience. She is also a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT) Candidate. Valerie received her Bachelor of Science degree in Communications and Master of Science degree in Clinical Social Work at the University of Texas in Austin. She is an active member of the First Unitarian Universalist Church in Nashville, and emphasizes spiritual exploration in her work with clients.