mood + anxiety

We are literally mandated to spend months or years of our lives learning about algebra, questionably-factual American history, and Shakespearian iambic pentameter. But how much time are we mandated — or even offered — to learn about our thoughts and feelings and how to relate to them effectively?

NADA. ZILCH. NONE AT ALL — for most of us, at least.

I’m a huge fan of public education and learning #allthethings, but helloooo, can we please assess our priorities and explore this egregious omission? THANKS.

Meanwhile, most of us are left to our own devices to figure this shit out, and don’t realize that we actually even NEED to figure it out until we’re eyeballs-deep in questionable decisions and late-night sob-fests.


Feeling this way doesn’t have to be your ‘normal.’

Sure, anxiety is, to some degree, unavoidable. And we all get down sometimes. But if you’ve been feeling this stuff on-the-regular, you don’t have to just accept this as your baseline. You just get this one life, and dammit, it should be enjoyable.

We can’t just think our way out of our patterns. Remember those Chinese finger traps? The harder you try to get out, the more stuck you get. It’s sort of like that with our “negative” or unhelpful thought patterns and intense feelings. If you could get out of this on your own, wouldn’t you have done so by now?


Where I Come In

I’m a lot like you. I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers, and I won’t pretend to know your life better than you do. But what I do have is almost a decade of training and experience with supporting folks in walking through all kinds of painful and difficult experiences.

Ultimately, my biggest goal is to support you in coming home to yourself, unpacking your baggage (we all have it) and Marie Kondo-ing that shit to determine what you need to leave behind, and how to truly live from the space of what is real and true for you now.

Sometimes, psychiatric medication is an important ally in this journey. If you’re curious about that, we can have that conversation and I can recommend a trusted provider to collaborate with us in this process. If the idea of meds freaks you out, we can talk about that, too — you’re ultimately the boss of you, and there are a lot of other avenues we can explore to support you, too.

Ready to go to Life Grad School, unload some shit, and develop your own toolbox of emotional resources? Let’s talk.

Curious to learn more about the modalities I use, including EMDR and hypnotherapy? Check out my Services page.