If we're being honest, don't we all just really want to know what the fucking* point is of any of this?

Hosted by paradoxically nihilistic + eternally optimistic psychotherapist and yoga teacher Valerie Martin, this podcast features conversations with a wide variety of guests who offer thought provoking perspectives on the ultimate questions of humanity: what the fuck we're all doing here, why, and how to navigate our paths in the time we have. 

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*And hey, I get that colorful language is not everyone's jam, but just being real — if it's super-NOT-your-jam, I may not be one of your people, and that's okay.

NOTE:  Archived episodes of the WholeYou Podcast, my prior collaboration with Lauren Fowler, are also available under the same feed as the new podcast... hence why it looks like there are 12 episodes prior to episode 1. Not perfect, but my workaround to avoid paying for two separate hosting accounts just to keep those 12 episodes archived and available.