Nashville Sex / Love Addiction  Therapist (CSAT)

I have completed extensive training to be a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist through the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP)

My primary specialties with this include working with:


Spouses / Partners of Sex Addicts

When the tornado of sex addiction rages through a marriage or committed relationship, the addict's partner is left feeling scared, angry, lost, and unsure how to start putting the pieces back together.

Even if you're unclear about what you want for the future of your relationship, you deserve healing, and an opportunity to focus on yourself and what you need to feel safe now. 

If your partner is also in therapy (hopefully with another CSAT), I will be happy to collaborate with that therapist as well, so we are all navigating this process together. You don't have to figure this out alone.

I don't currently have any partner groups running, but when that changes I will include information about groups here. 

Women with Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

Maybe you're feeling like the Tinder hook-ups that used to be "for fun" no longer feel so fun anymore. You're starting to recognize that you're hooking up to avoid your own feelings or feel validated by feeling wanted. 

Or perhaps you're beyond frustrated because, yet again, the guy you thought seemed like "finally a good one, potentially THE one" has shown his true colors, and you're wondering if you're some kind of jackass magnet. 

Sometimes, it's more subtle: a feeling that you can't quite connect, like emotional intimacy is a language you somehow never learned. Dating can feel so intimidating and vulnerable that it might even make you want to give up on romantic relationships altogether. 

Whether your pattern is one of these, or one of about a dozen others I won't list ad nauseam, know that you don't have to figure this out by yourself. If you want a fulfilling, healthy relationship with a respectful, supportive partner, that is not too much to ask. But as the brilliant therapist/author Dave Richo says, relationships are a lot like swimming: we're all born with the capacity, but we're not born with the skills — those we have to learn.

Some of us see good modeling in our family of origin, while others see a lot of what they don't want in a relationship. Sometimes we need to take a close look at not only what was modeled for us, but all the other unhelpful things we've picked up along the way, like our culture's dysfunctional expectations of relationships, and the double-bind those expectations often leave us in, especially as women. 

Whether you are interested in exploring possible sex addiction or love addiction issues, or you just want to better understand and work toward healing unhealthy relationship patterns, I love doing this work and my CSAT background has given me valuable training and experience with it.