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  • Yoga with Adriene - awesome free YouTube yoga videos of varying lengths

  • Bad Yogi - another great yoga YouTuber. She has paid programs but also many good free videos here


  • LifeForce Yoga - Yoga movement, breath, and meditation practices for regulating mood and anxiety, and healing from trauma


& Depression

Sex, Love
& Relationship Addiction

Nashville -
Local Resources

  • Renewed - A Nashville-based non-profit organization offering a variety of resources and services including ED provider director, free support groups (including art therapy and music therapy), free body-positive yoga classes, and more (I will be facilitating the AccepTED high school ED support group starting October 2018! Email me for more info.)

  • Renfrew Center (Brentwood location) - Offering intensive outpatient and day treatment programs for eating disorders

  • Wild Heart Meditation Center (formerly known as Against the Stream Nashville) - Buddhist meditation society including weekly Dharma talks, yoga, meditation retreats, and Refuge Recovery groups for all types of recovery

  • Inner Light Yoga - Nashville's first and only music-based studio, where I am fortunate to teach!

  • HaLé Mind and Body - integrative healing arts including massage, acupuncture, meditation, yoga and more

General Therapy, Spirituality,  + Personal Growth